Half Castle, North Down Coastal Path. Bangor to Strickland's Glen. Northern Ireland

Treasure Hunt: Bangor Coastal Path (Part 1)

Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt in Bangor Northern Ireland

Our past treasure hunts in Bangor have normally followed loopy circle routes ending up back where they started (like our Bangor Town Centre Treasure Hunt). But this is not so easy when walking the North Down Coastal Path as it’s really just one big straight-ish line along the scenic coastline from Bangor to Holywood. So instead of retracing back to Bangor, it is much simpler to just jump on a quick train for the return journey to Bangor.

There will be extended treasure hunts on the coastal path but the first section will be simple with a straight walk from Bangor Town Centre to Carnalea at Carnalea Train Station where it’s just 2 quick stops back to town again. We will start as well from a convenient seafront location in Bangor at the Tourist Information Centre at Bangor Tower House. It’s five minutes from the train/bus station and there’s loads of free parking nearby. Here for the station list on the Bangor to Belfast Gold Coast Train Line.

Clue 1: Bangor Visitor Centre

Starting Bangor Tourist Office at the Old Tower House, directly opposite has fancy dining at the Boathouse, before entering the car park is a bench on the right.

Who was the fella that would sit here?

Clue 2: The Eisenhower Pier

Now into the car park towards Eisenhower Pier, named as the president had started the Normandy landing from here. You can walk to the end for nice views out to sea.

What are the ‘Bangor Penguins’ that nest underneath?

Clue 3: The Long Hole

Back to the pier entrance by the RNLI lifeboats, where next is an old harbour known as the long hole. Adjacent is a coastal road that follows to Ballyholme.

Where was home to the Pleasure Grounds?

Clue 4: The Sunken Gardens

Now turn back around and towards centre of town, past the entrance of Bangor Marina and the HM Coastguard. Ahead you’ll find the Sunken Gardens and Bangor McKee Clock.

In what year was the clock gifted to Bangor?

Clue 5: The Secret Seat

Now follow the marina past the boats on the right, as we continue towards Pickie on the seaward side, found in the shade is a hidden secret seat.

What might you have forgot?

Clue 6: The Marina Walls

Passing through Pickie Fun Park to the opposite side, with maybe a stop at the cafe or swans for a ride, near the far entrance is a decorated pier wall.

What islands are pictured on the very right?

Clue 7: Ladies Bathing Pool

Long walks begin now along the North Down Coastal Path, as we leave behind Bangor and the centre of town, soon is a sandy cove for swimming in the sea.

What is the name of the adjacent beach?

Clue 8: Wilson’s Point

Straight on ahead and around the next bend, hugging the coastline until Wilson’s Point, here is a plaque presented by the Rotary Club.

How many miles north is Scotland and Mull of Kintyre?

Clue 9: Jenny Watts Cave

Continue the path, there’s a fair stretch ahead, past a wall on the right over Jenny Watts Cave (See legend of Jenny Watts), then follow along to the old Brompton Bay.

Clue 10: Strickland’s Glen

Straight on again it gets hilly ahead, past brambles and gorse bushes, the Golf Course now in sight. Continue along until near Stricklands Glen.

How many monks are in the same boat?

Clue 11: Carnalea Golf Course

Continue past Strickland’s, a scenic woodland glen, to walk shoulders with the golf course and the last length of coastline, you’ll soon reach a junction with various signposts.

WARNING! What should you beware of?

Clue 12: Carnalea Train Station

Leaving the coastline, take a left up the hill, before reaching the Golf Club, take a right, then straight ahead, soon is the platforms for Carnalea Train Station.

Which Primary School (PS) created the mural?

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