Stricklands Glen Bangor Coastal Path in North Down Northern Ireland

Treasure Hunt: Bangor West & Carnalea

The ‘Bangor West Treasure Hunt’ follows a circle route between Strickland’ Glen and Ker Wood and along the North Down Coastal Path, so you can really start anywhere at any clue along the way. At the same time, some starts are more accessible than others, and this will also depend on how you plan to travel. So I’ll share the better options below. Otherwise, the treasure hunt begins at Strickland’s Glen as the main tourist attraction along the treasure hunt route.

Travel by Train? Two train stations connect to the treasure hunt route making it is easy to jump on the Bangor – Belfast train line and then disembark at either Bangor West Station which is 1-stop from the main Bangor Train Station and Carnalea Train Station which is 2-stops up.

Travel by Car? There are various car parks along the route only some are better than others. The train stations also have parking but these are ridiculously congested at the quietest of times. Strickland’s Glen would again be the obvious start with 10 or so spaces at the entrance. Other options include Bangor West Church as well as the Bryansburn Inn for customers, and maybe a pint and some grub at the finish line.

Strickland’s Glen

Arriving to the Car Park on Bryansburn Road. ‘Welcome to Strickland’s Glen’. What tree features on the welcoming sign?

Strickland’s Upper Pond

From the car park of Strickland’s, you can follow 3 trails. Take a walk on the upper track and circle around, past the ponds, ducks and moorhens of Strickland’s top pond. Be careful! What does the warning sign say?

Strickland’s Lower Pond

Now into the forest, don’t be scared to get lost? Then just follow the river ’til you reach the final pond. How many metal bars cross the wee waterfall?

Smelt Mill Bay

Reaching the coastline you’ll have reached Smelt Mill Bay. Continue to the sign found straight ahead. The trails of St Columbanus and his adventures abroad. How many people were in the same boat?

North Down Coastal Path

Now turn back around and towards the golf course. Then follow the coastline until you reach the first bench. What date is inscribed on the memorial?

Carnalea Bay

Following the coastline, it’s a nice seaside stroll. Until you reach a new pathway and a fork on the road. With signs on the left as well on the right. What should you ‘beware of’?

Carnalea Golf Club

Take the left up the hill and steep winding slope. On the left is the Golf Club as you reach to the top. What 2 primary colours are on the “Welcome to” sign?

Ker Wood West

Now under the bridge and the train crossing above (Carnalea Train Station). Into the woodlands and follow the golf rough. What are prohibited as well as vehicles?

Bangor West Presbyterian Church

At the top of the woods, you now take a left. Then follow the road (Crawfordsburn Road) until you get to West Church. What date is inscribed on the three consecration stones on the wall?

Ker Wood East

Continue on down until you’ve passed the golf course, then here take a quick left into a small woodland trail. At the end of the track are trees straight ahead. What is the number found on the furthest birdbox?

Bangor West Train Station

Back again to the road and continue on down, on the right is Bangor West station on the Gold Coast Train line. What numbers/digits mark the train’s signal light?

Bryansburn Bar & Grill

Again back to the road and continue ahead. Then on the same side, you’ll find the old Bryansburn Inn. What does the grey plaque say next to the doors?

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