Shop Local in Bangor Northern Ireland

Bangor folk often complain about there being no shops in Bangor. Something I never really understood as the town/city centre is littered with shops. Shops that people do shop in, which, (I guess), others don’t shop in. So they don’t consider them to be shops.

At the same time, if people did actually shop in shops, then there would probably be more shops in Bangor for them to shop in. And what shops do they really want? It seems sometimes Bangor folk have more interest in whinging about stuff, and many of them just don’t deserve shops.

Shop Local in Bangor

Personally, with a crippling aversion of stepping foot in a shop, or interest in shopping in general (other than food). I do still follow the “shop local” sentiment. Supporting local businesses to ultimately better our own town/city and surroundings. It is a positive investment in our own environment and lifestyle etc.

But I’m still not setting foot in a shop! As I’m fairly sure many relate/understand. I have no interest in shops/shopping and I resort to buying generic crap at Supermarkets or on the internet when it comes to obligated gift giving. It’s why out-of-town and online shopping pretty much killed high street shopping decades ago.

Shop Local Online?

I was divided on the concept of shopping local online, given it may take from the footfall in the town/city centre. But the sentiment of shopping local is about paying the bills and keeping them shutters and shopfronts open. It’s about keeping the town/city centre alive. Which can be helped by online shoppers who would otherwise never set foot in an actual shop.

Bangor Business Listings (Bangor City Centre)

Anyway, in 2021 the Bangor Chamber of Commerce compiled a list of shops and businesses in Bangor city centre which I share below. A list I plan to update to the best I can (do let me know if I have missed anything). I will also, eventually, break down this list into categories like our tourist guide to local eating and restaurants in Bangor.

Abbey Street (map here)

Dufferin Avenue (Map Here)

Market Street (Map Here)

Upper Main Street (Map Here)

Central Avenue (Map Here)

Main Street Lower (Map Here)

King Street (Map Here)

Hamilton Road

Castle Street (Map Here)

High Street (Map Here)

High Street Plaza (Map Here)

Prospect Road (Map Here)

Bingham Street (Map Here)

Queen’s Parade (Map Here)

Bridge Street (Map Here)

Quay Street (Map Here)

Gray’s Hill (Map Here)

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